Bane Solo Movie Is In The Table?

Bane solo movie is reportedly is in the table at Warner Bros. Bane is one of the most powerful villains of Batman. And also Bane is called as the “Man Who Broke The Bat”.

The Man Who Broke The Bat
The Man Who Broke The Bat

In 1993 Bane made his first appearance in DC Universe. It is in the 64-page special Vengeance of Bane #1.

Bane then made his second appearance leading up to the famous Breaking Batman’s Back (Batman #497) in the Knightfall storyline in Batman #489. It is the story which gave him the name; “The Man Who Broke The Bat”.

Though many people believe his third appearance was at Batman #490, he precisely showed up in Detective Comics #656.

Villains Success

Last year DC launched a movie featuring the most iconic villain in the comic world, “Joker“. Starred by Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips was a massive success. With the success of that movie, Warner Bros wanted to bring more iconic villains to the main screen to follow Joker’s path. However, the report claims that the idea was merely a pitch. Still, the idea of DC Comics villains seeing the light of day in one-off films is an interesting take.

Possibility of Bane Solo Movie

As Robert Pattinson’s Batman trilogy at works, there is a huge possibility that they will include Bane in the sequel. Yet there is a huge gap between today and Pattinson’s sequel, and it is a great way to make his appearance first in his solo movie.

“A potential project for the villain would’ve seen a must more serious vision on the big screen. After the surprise success of Joaquin Phoenix’s award-winning Joker, Heroic Hollywood has exclusively learned that there was going to be an attempt to pitch a Bane standalone film to DC executives.”

“In a similar way to the Todd Philips film, it could’ve offered filmmaker a chance to explore the villain’s psyche with a character study, although hopefully with a little more brawling. Much like Joker avoided leaning on the cape and cowl too much, it’s possible that Bane’s solo film would not have featured the iconic hero.”

James Gunn wanted to use Bane in his version of the Suicide Squad. But WB scrapped that idea off the table, and Bane Solo Movie’s plan went off for a while. But as our sources, the idea is back inside the studios and we are expecting some official announcements regarding the matter.

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