BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ launched for the K-Pop fans

BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+ will be launched to the market on 18th of this month.

  • Samsung has announced a BTS themed Galaxy S20+ variant, alongside a new Galaxy Buds+.
  • Both devices are the same as their main versions, albeit customized with BTS’ purple aesthetic.
  • These BTS edition devices will be on sale between June 18 and July 9 or until stocks last.

Samsung has officially confirmed the release date through a twitter message.

The exclusive BTS Edition Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy Buds Plus will be available to purchase on Samsung’s website and Amazon starting on July 9th targeting the seventh anniversary of the BTS ARMY fan collective with preorders beginning on June 19th.

Samsung has made impressive special-edition smartphones, as they are no strangers to the game. They have offered Galaxy phones emblazoned with Batman logos and Star Wars themes in the past. The latest collaboration is a Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition, with a matching set of Galaxy Buds Plus to go with it.

BTS Edition Galaxy S20+

The Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition is the same old Galaxy S20+ but added with a unique iridescent purple exterior. The color is heavily inspired by the K-pop group BTS. It also has a BTS logo on the back and the band’s heart iconography on the camera array. Samsung believes it allows fans all over the world to show their devotion for their favorite K-Pop band.

BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+
Galaxy S20+ BTS Edition

The exclusive BTS themed phone also comes with BTS-inspired Android themes. It also comes along with a preinstalled Weverse app. BTS band members use Weverse to communicate with fans and share content on social media. The device comes with decorative stickers. It allows fans to personalize further their unique galaxy. Also, photo cards featuring pictures of the band members for fans to keep. The device makes a bond between BTS band and their fans all over the world to share their creative content and feels more closely connected than ever before.

Galaxy Buds+

The Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition brings fans even closer to their music. It’s not just through the buds’ design, but through its superb sound quality. With sound by AKG, Galaxy Buds+ deliver balanced, detailed and spacious sound. And an industry-leading two-way speaker fully immerses fans in the layers of BTS’s music. The Galaxy Buds+ BTS Edition also comes with the photo cards of the band right in the box as a keepsake for fans.

BTS Edition Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy Buds+
BTS Galaxy Buds+

To sweeten the deal for fans, Samsung is offering a free BTS poster for anyone who preorders the branded S20 Plus or the Galaxy Buds (customers who preorder both will receive two posters). Additionally, preordering the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition will get customers a 50 percent discount on the matching Galaxy Buds. At the same time, preorders for the Galaxy Buds will include a BTS-themed wireless charger (it’s also purple).

BTS themed Wireless Charger

So what do you think? Are you going to get one of these limited items for yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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