Cyborg will appear in Flash solo movie

Cyborg will appear in Flash upcoming solo movie.

Cyborg starred by Ray Fisher has officially been confirmed for Andy Muschietti’s upcoming The Flash movie in DCEU. The director’s sister had shared this confirmation news. In original plans, they were going to feature both the scarlet speedster and Cyborg in THE FLASH movie. But after the mess happened in DCEU, the story went a smoke.

Cyborg’s appearance has been a rumor circulating the project for quite some time. Daniel Richtman recently teased that Cyborg was indeed in consideration for the film. However, with recent confirmation with the director’s sister, fans can keep their hopes alive. Below we can see the screenshot of the evidence.

The fan has asked Barbara to remember to include Ray Fisher in the film. The producer Barbara only had a simple answer: “Obvio!!!”, which means “Obviously!!!”. After Snyder’s departure, Ray Fisher’s future in the DCEU has been uncertain. But with this information, as well as the rumors of talks happening with HBO Max and WarnerMedia for a Cyborg series, it seems Fisher and fans have a lot to look forward to.

Cyborg & Flash in DCEU

Barry and Victor, both made their debut in big screens with cameo appearances in Batman v Superman. Also, they had their part in the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder’s version will focus on Cyborg more as per rumors. A significant component that happened from the film’s theatrical release was Barry and Victor forming a brotherly bond due to the shared accidental origins of their metahuman abilities.

The Flash Movie

The Flash movie had a lot of ups and downs until recent days. Warner Bros. rejected Miller and Morrison’s script during the pre-production stage of the film. But the studio decided to keep Miller in the role. But they removed Daley and Goldstein as directors. With their departure, Muschietti and Hodson’s brought to the table. With their involvement, The Flash raises a lot of interesting questions about the tone and direction the project will now take. Still, these latest developments may also give cause to re-examine Ray Fisher’s future as Cyborg within the larger DCEU. The slated for release on June 2, 2022. The Flash will star Ezra Miller in the titular role, as well as now Ray Fisher as Cyborg.

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