Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse? – Darkseid Teaser Breakdown

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse. That’s what we are going to find out today. With the recent reveal of Darkseid Sneak Peek, many questions were answered. Also, it raised more questions, as well.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming next year. Before that, he shared a small glimpse of the teaser for Darkseid in his version of the movie.


Diana aka Wonder Woman was exploring an ancient mural. She found that Uxas (His name before he becomes the Darkseid) has attacked earth in ancient history. She seems frightened by what she finds in that mural. In the teaser, we can see Darkseid and some ancient Greek writing behind him.

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse - Darkseid

The writing behind says CΚΟΤΟΜΗΔΗC-ΔΑΡΚCΕΙΔΟC. As we said, it is in the ancient Greek language. With a little bit of translation, we were able to find out what it means. Also, we can expect a proper explanation once the movie is out. The English meaning of CΚΟΤΟΜΗΔΗC-ΔΑΡΚCΕΙΔΟC is SKOTOMIDIS-DARKSEIDOS. In modern Green Language, it can be written as ΣΚΟΤΟΜΗΔΗΣ-ΔΑΡΚΣΕΙΔΟΣ. The word SKOTOMIDIS (CΚΟΤΟΜΗΔΗC) SKOTO is possibly referring to Dark/Darkness. MIDIS can be explained as a plan or an attack. DARKSEIDOS (ΔΑΡΚCΕΙΔΟC) is the ancient translation for English word Darkseid. So what does this mean? We narrowed it down to five simple explanations.

1. The Dark/Darkness kind

2. The Dark/Darkness one

3. The Dark/Darkness already

4. The Dark/Darkness pleasure

5. The one who thinks or plots or devises darkness

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse?

Previously Zack Snyder had confirmed that MARTIAN MANHUNTER will appear in Justice League. Also he shared that General Swanwick was the Martian all this time.

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse - Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is the last survivor of his species, just like Superman. Kryptonians and Martians have been extinct for a significant period of time in DC Universe. But with what we saw it is possible that Darkseid is the one who destroyed Martians in Snyderverse.

After the announcement of Snydercut on HBOMax Zack posted a thanking note. In that, he was right next to a Storyboard for Justice League. Storyboard hinted about Martian Manhunter’s appearance.

Darkseid Destroyed Martians in Snyderverse - Storyboard
Zack next to storyboard

Nothing is a coincidence with ZackInterestingly, the Mural Wonder Woman discovered had similar Martian logos. The mural shows a painting about an ancient battle that happened between Darkseid versus another world or may probably the Earth.

This proves that Martians were part of the fight too. Maybe we can expect much from Snydercut about Martians too. So could he be responsible for the extinction of Martians? Did he slaughter the Martians and their world? Another opinion is these could be Boomtubes. But they’re all on the left side which is the side of heroes and the parademons are clearly flying from the right to the left. Murals are very linear and framing is everything when telling those stories. Also, they are everywhere and it looks like they are on the side of Amazonians and Atlantians. It would be crazy to see Darkseid kill all the Martians except for one. Leaving General Swanwick a personal vendetta towards Darkseid, then helping the league out.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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