How I Met Your Mother : The Ending Foreshadowed.

How I Met Your Mother is undoubtedly a famous sitcom back in the day. It’s also one of the favorites by many fans even today. It’s been six years since the last series aired. But fans cannot still stop talking about the great show. The show is basically what the name suggests. Ted Mosby’s life decisions ultimately paved the way to meet the love of his life.

Meanwhile, some fans were okay with it. But did you know the show had planned its ending since the beginning? Also, it foreshadowed the end throughout the series.

1. Kid’s Scene

Ted and Tracy

The kids’ scenes. The show is all about Ted, the dad explains his love life to children. Even though How I Met Your Mother ran for 9 seasons, the kids’ scenes were finished filming during the first 2 seasons. As the show ran throughout nine years, directors couldn’t risk the kids’ appearance. As they grow up, if the show didn’t finish filming their scenes first, we probably had to witness different kids every season.

2. Mother’s Name

Other hints go back to the very beginning of the show. Like the Mother’s real name. Tracy! It was revealed in the 1st season episode named ”Belly Full Of Turkey.”

3. Backup wife

Once when Ted and Barney were fighting over Robin, Barney tells Ted that Ted can have Robin after her 40s, which is directly predicting the end of the show.

4. Mother’s Death

After Marshall’s dad died, the show had an episode where Marshall was talking to his dad’s grave. If you look sharp enough, you could see there is another gravestone in the cemetery. Which named “Mother“.

Mother's tomb

Also in the 9th season when finally Ted meets Tracy, the background music featuring the scene. It is a song by Band of Horses named Funeral. Which pretty much explains her role in the show. The Time travelers episode Ted goes to meet Tracy just 45 days before their first meeting in the future and asks her whether he can have those extra 45 days. Why would he ask for just 45 days if he got to be with her for the rest of his lifetime?

Ted Time travel

When they talked about weddings, one point they say “What kind of a mother would miss her daughter’s wedding”. Then immediately, Ted starts crying, which means he knew she is going to die soon.

5. Perfect Character Arcs

Most people dislike that everything wasn’t “happily ever after” for our main characters. But when you look at the entire show, the imperfect ending makes perfect sense.

-Ted wanted to be an architect. He failed. Then he did design a building, but ultimately, he became a teacher.

-Marshall wanted to be an environmental lawyer. He failed. Then he did become one, but ultimately, he became a judge.

-Lily wanted to be a painter. She failed. Then she did sell some paintings but ultimately became an art consultant.

She wanted to spend her life with Max. She fails. Max dies and she thinks she’ll never find love again. But she does. She finds Ted and has two children and lives out a short, but happy life. Ultimately, she got her chance to be with Max. While Ted is with Robin.

-Robin wanted to become a successful journalist. She failed. Then she did become one, but ultimately, she was alone. That’s why the ending of the show needed to bring things. It was a full circle with Ted.

by – Shauryae Mendiratta

6. Barney Stinson

Barney Stinson, played by Neil Patrick Harris, had his own character arc in a different way.

-Well, Barney was a really complex character. When Shannon left him, he developed commitment issues and became a womanizing playboy. But in the end, he married Robin and grew past his commitment issues.

When he and Robin got divorced he started having one-night stands with random girls again. Exactly what he did after Shannon. It’s his coping mechanism. It’s how he processes heartbreak. “The Perfect Month” is the most unambiguous indication that the divorce broke his heart because he truly loved Robin.

He not only has commitment issues but also has daddy issues. That’s why he hooks up with other girls with daddy issues, just like Ted’s and Robin’s the story of famous Barney Stinson needed a full-circle. He had to be a father to a baby girl. As we saw in the end, that’s what changed him. Something he couldn’t have had with Robin because that would undermine her want.

by – Shauryae Mendiratta

7. How I Met Your Mother Alternate Ending

As the HIMYM’s finale came out, a significant number of fans and critics expressed their disappointment towards the ending. Eventually, it made show creators Bays and Carter to release an alternate ending to this awesome show. They did a favor to their long-time viewers. When the show released as a complete DVD box, they included the alternate ending.

Alternate Ending of How I Met Your Mother

This alternate ending is more like a “Happily Ever After” focused on a moment that had come and gone in the actual finale. It’s the moment that Ted met the mother of his children, whose real name was Tracy McConnell. As they both stand on train tracks after Robin and Barney’s wedding in Farhampton. They ran into each other and have a conversation under the Mother’s signature yellow umbrella (which can be seen countless times throughout the series). As the scene ends, Bob Saget’s voice can be heard in the background, saying, “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.”

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