Introduction to Stargirl Heroes: Justice Society of America

Introduction to Stargirl heroes. Heroes and villains are one of the most exciting topics about the newest series of DC Universe. The show is based on the present day. But its character origins run a long way back to 1940s, to original Starman comics.

The first few minutes of the Pilot episode of the show has dedicated as a brief introduction to the Justice Society of Ameria, aka JSA. Also, it brought the Injustice Society of America to our attention too.

Stragirl heroes and villains, Justice Society Of America
Justice Society Of America

Almost every hero introduce in the first fight, had an origin story in comics. Those origin stories developed back in the World War II period, and they became very famous among fans. Justice Society v Injustice Society fight scenes took a pro-war/ anti-nazi storyline. Although the streaming series of Stargirl has altered things to match with modern-day, it is good to get the basic knowledge about Stargirl heroes and villains.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for Stargirl. If you have not seen the series, you might consider yourself warned!

Introduction to Stargirl Heroes

Starman, the Star-Spangled Kid, and Stripesy

The first appearance of Starman in DC Universe marked on Adventure Comics #61 in 1941. Ted Knight, who was an astronomer, invented a “Cosmic Rod.” It granted him to access some powers such as flying and Energy Manipulation. Ted Knight started to fight crime (and a few Nazis during WWII) with the JSA. With time, when Ted Knight retired, his son Jack modified his father’s weapon. He renamed it as the “Cosmic Staff,” and became the next Starman.

Sylvester Pemberton, also known as Star-Spangled Kid, was a teenage vigilante. He had a sidekick named Stripesy (Pat Dugan). Pat Dugan was a family mechanic and chauffeur, and he always accompanied his young charge. They appeared in DC Universe back in 1940. None of them had unique superpowers like the other heroes. But the kid’s costume featured stars throughout his chest and Stripesy always wore a striped shirt, the pair became the living embodiment of the American flag.

S.T.R.I.P.E. and Stargirl

S.T.R.I.P.E. and Stargirl

In 1999, Geoff Johns gave birth to a new Star-Spangled Kid named Courtney Whitmore. He wrote an updated comic book series called Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. Courtney was the stepdaughter of Pat Dugan. By that time Pat has made Special Tactics Robotic Integrated Power Enhancer to protect her from threats in the outside world.

Courtney made an updated version of the Star-Spangled Kid’s outfit and the Cosmic Converter Belt. She eventually gains access to the Cosmic Staff after Jack Knight retires as the Starman in this universe. Before joining the JSA, Courtney changed her name to Stargirl and utilized both the belt and the staff. She preserved the legacy of both Starman and the Star-Spangled Kid. (In the DC Universe TV show, they hint that Pemberton might be Courtney’s father.)

Wild Cat – Ted Grant

Stargirl Heroes and Villains Wild Cat
Wild cat

Ted Grant gets knocked out pretty swiftly in Stargirl‘s first fight scene. But his origin story is quite impressive. He first appeared in Sensation Comics #1 in 1942. Besides Wonder Woman, Ted Grant was a championship boxer. But he was framed for the death of one of his opponents. Then again, he got framed for the deaths of two cops during his false arrest. Grant became the mantle of Wildcat after being inspired by a story about the Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Then he went on to both clear his name and lived the life of a vigilante.

Dr. Mid-Nite — Doctor Charles McNider

Stargirl Heroes and Villains  Dr.Mid-Nite
Dr. Mid-Nite

In All-American Comics #25 in 1941, Doctor Charles McNider first appeared. He got severely injured when a hitman threw a grenade into the surgery theater while performing surgery on a shooting victim. Everyone else died in the surgery theater except for McNider. After the attack, he was severely wounded and blinded by wreckage. Throughout his recovery, he trained intensively to hone his other senses to compensate for the loss of his sight.

One evening, someone threw a wooden owl statue through McNider’s window and he realized that he could see perfectly… at night. In the show, Dr. Mid-Nite is also defeated in the opening scene when what looks like Solomon Grundy’s giant hand appears to crush him.

The Flash — Jay Garrick

Stargirl Heroes and Villains. Flash Jay Garrick
Jay Garrick – Flash

Jay Garrick didn’t physically appear during that opening fight scene. But, the show left a piece of massive evidence to prove that he was there that night. The winged helmet of the Garrick’s Flash was there on the floor, hiding to wreck covered in ice. That means that the life of Flash ended on that night. An untimely death to the universe’s speedster at the hands of Icicle.

Jay Garrick, the original Flash, first appeared in his Flash Comics #1 (1940). Unline Barry Allen, the modern Flash, Jay, did not get his powers through a bolt of a lightning strike. Instead, his speed force powers came from inhaling heavy water vapor fumes when he fell asleep in his lab.

Hourman — Rex Tyler


There have been several Hourmen who appeared in DC Comics history. But Rex Tyler was the first and a founding member of the JSA.

In Adventure Comics #48, he was debuted in the DC universe in 1940. A biochemist who was a bit obsessed with hacking the human genome and pushing the limits of the human body, Rex developed a miracle vitamin which he dubs “Miraclo.” The drug gives him superhuman strength, speed, and healing ability. But only for one hour a day.

Green Lantern — Alan Scott

Green Lantern – Henry Scott

Another founding member of the JSA is the Green Lantern. He is possibly present in DC’s show’s opening scene. But we did not get to see his face. Instead, it’s only the glow of his power ring in the first scene we saw. As Stargirl show is chock full of Golden Age Heroes, there is a higher chance that The Green Lantern we saw is Alan Scott.

Alan Scott first appeared in All-American Comics #16 (1940) as a young railroad engineer. He happened to be on a train with one of the original pieces of the Starheart. Starheart is powerful magic bound. Guardians of the Universe has created it. The train crashed when it passed over a collapsing bridge, but Scott survived by grabbing the lantern. The device communicates with him to create a ring out of metal from its base. Scott powers the ring with the Starheart and his literal will to use its abilities for good.

So that is the Introduction to Stargirl Heroes: many members of the Justice Society of America. There will be an Introduction to Stargirl not heroes but villains in an upcoming post.

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