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iPhone 12 Will Not Include a Power Adapter

iPhone 12 models will not include usual EarPods or a 5W power adapter in the box. MacRumors has revealed this info.

So the device will only come with a USB cable inside of the box. According to latest rumors Apple is planning to sell a 20W fast charging brick separately. So this new marketing strategy will force buyers to spend extra money and buy the charging brick separately. Funny thing is every other manufacture includes a power adapter inside of the device package box. Companies like OnePlus and Xiaomi are including high capacity charging bricks. With this year Apple removes previously issued 5W brick.

iPhone 12 Charging Brick
Image by Macrumors

iPhone 12

All the iPhone 12 models will support 5G technology. So it is true that new iPhones cost extra to produce. Also according to rumors new iPhones will price comparable to their previous iPhone 11 lineup. Apple is planning to remove the adapter out of new iPhone SE boxes later this year.

The current production of 5W and 18W chargers are about to cease later this year. Also, the 12W adapter which comes with current generations of the 10.2-inch iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini – will end production ‘in nine-12 months’. We till expects Apple to include a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box as the only accessory included with iPhone 12 models.

Apple has not responded yet to these predictions. They also haven’t confirmed the names of its upcoming phones or the timing of their release. Usually, Apple unveils its new iPhones in September.

iPhone 12
Image by MacRumors

Rumors suggest that pricing on the iPhone 12 starts as low as $649 this year. It would be the lowest price that Apple has charged for an OLED iPhone. Pricing could range from $649 to $1,099, with these estimates rumored:

  • 5.4-inch model 12: $649
  • 6.1-inch model 12: $749
  • 6.1-inch model 12 Pro: $999
  • 6.7-inch model 12 Pro Max: $1,099

But yet people still have to spend another hundred or couple of hundred dollars to purchase a charging brick and a pair of earpods as they are necessary for a device.

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