Justice League Snyder Cut will trash Joss Whedon’s key sequence

Justice League Snyder Cut will remove a principal change director Joss Whedon made back in 2017. Movie’s original director Zack Snyder had confirmed this to a fan while engaging in comments in Vero True Social.

Director Zack Snyder has recently confirmed one of the critical changes he is going to change in his version of the movie compared to the theatrical release. It was no secret that after Snyder’s family tragedy Warner Bros threw him out of his project. Later they handed it over to Marvel Avengers director Joss Whedon. Many fans have criticized changes made by Joss Whedon. Instead of finishing what Snyder made, Whedon went through some terrible reshoots that fans did not like at all. Also, the studio wanted to make the movie under 2 hours, and from Whedon’s side, he did his best to finish it within the given period. Later, fans found the secret message Whedon left in the movie, saying, “I Tried.

Justice League Snyder Cut : I tried by Joss Whedon

Josstice League

After the box office flop, people started to demand the Justice League Snyder Cut with the famous hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut. Almost three years later, fan voice was heard by WB executives, and they promised to release the Zack Snyder’s Justice League, aka Snyder Cut on. The movie will be released on their newly launched streaming service HBO Max in 2021.

Over the past years, Snyder had teased some of the key sequences. We did not get to see them on the theatrical cut. Whedon and Snyder had two different creative styles. Justice League got betwixt and between within them. It ended up being a mix of both. It was a terrible thing to happen. The reshoots were almost 80 pages, which is like almost an entire movie. Only less than a quarter of Snyder’s work made it to the final cut in 2017. The Whedon’s theatrical cut got the funny name “Josstice League”. It represents Joss Whedon’s first name.


Joss Whedon changed something that even included in the trailer also. The color palette. The initially released trailer had a darker bluish color scheme throughout the movie. But the final version came to the theaters was very reddish. Later it was revealed that Joss Whedon changed the entire color palette with a red filter. It was okay for some, and some people did not like it.

Snyder Cut vs Josstice League
Changes made by Joss Whedon

Now the Zack Snyder had confirmed that he will change the color scheme to how it originally was. He mentioned that in a comment.

Zack Snyder confirmed he will use the blue filter

The red filter used by Joss Whedon appeared in many crucial scenes. It appeared in the final battle sky, parademons. It also made some changes in the scene in which Clark had his moment with Lois Lane after his resurrection from the dead. But it is still not clear what was the purpose of using it until now.

Snyder is famous for his beautiful visual artistic talent. It’s the main reason why fans were so upset with poorly made CGI. Removing Superman’s mustache using CGI was a total abomination. Aside from script changes the movie went through back in 2017, it is highly likely to we can see Snyder’s famous artistic shots in the Snyder Cut.

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