Last of Us Part 2: What Went Wrong?

Last of Us Part 2. Sony finally released the PlayStation exclusive game. On 19th June, they released it as announced. Many people straight away dived into the game as it had a high Metacritic score. Also, it was one of the most anticipated sequels to the fan-loved game Last Of Us.

But part 2 of Last of Us had significant plot leaks, ripped cut-scenes, and controversy about certain characters. So many predicted the coming downfall of the game even before it gets released.

Last of Us Part 2: Metacritic Socre

The Last of Us Part 2 has one of the highest level critics scores of 95 on Metacritic. But dear god, it is getting brutally, obviously bombed in the user score department. It only has a 3.4 out of 10 with more than 25,000 reviews. For context, The Last of Us 1 had only just over 9000 user scores for its entire lifespan. It’s even less than 48 hours for Part 2. So it is obvious that something is going on with this game that fans do not like.

Last of Us Part 2: Metacritic Socre

Here are some user reviews we found on the internet.

What is wrong with it?


1 . The Death

This can be a checkpoint you may have reached already if you are playing. It is Joel’s brutal murder at the hands of Abby and her WLF/former Firefly contingent. He was captured and beaten to death right in front of Ellie. The very first trailer of the game showed that Ellie was on the warpath, out to get revenge. From that moment, it seemed pretty apparent that it was likely that some group had killed Joel, and even if Joel did appear in some spots, later on, those were either flashbacks or “imagined” appearances.

2 . The Agenda

Ellie is a lesbian. Her girlfriend is her traveling companion. Abby is probably a trans, a villain, and a complicated character. Ellie is calling a guy a bigot who made a big deal out of her kissing Dina. The guy apologizes. He makes them some sandwiches. And that’s it. It’s pretty hard to say these scenarios pushing an agenda, but people likely to think so.

Other Reasons

There is some degree of review-bombing going on here, as we can see. When a group of people or gamers, whether through coordinated action or just typical cause head over to a site like Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes and express their collective anger toward a game/movie/developer/studio by giving it shallow review scores and driving the aggregate down. As we mentioned earlier, it is absurd that the game got over 25K user reviews just before two days.

Also we can notice that there is ridiculous backlash against gamers. According to a tweet sent by former Gears Of War developer Cliff “Cliffy B” Bleszinksi this was his opinion.

So what do you guys think? Have you finished the story? Did you like it? Let us know your opinion down in a comment.

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