Matt Reeves Batman Will Introduce A New Joker?

Matt Reeves’ Batman is planning to introduce a new joker to the DC Universe. Matt Reeves is making a Batman trilogy with Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader. The first movie of the trilogy is about to hit theaters in 2021.

Pattinson is playing a young Batman in the Reeves’ trilogy. Many villains are supposed to get introduced to the DC Movie Universe through Batman. Toddler and Penguin are already in the first Batman movie. Also, Bane is in the pitch for the sequel.

Batman Timeline

The Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, is supposed to be a young Batman who is just getting started as the Dark Knight. Ben Affleck’s Batman in DCEU is mid-aged. So as rumors say, HBO Max is planning to make a Batman series using Affleck’s Batman. As Pattinson’s Batman and Affleck’s Batman has a vast age gap, it will not confuse fans.

The movie is in the early 90s. It will focus on Batman’s detective persona. Most of the live-action Batmans we have seen so far highlighted the fighter inside of him. So it is good to have a change.

Matt Reeves Batman
Robert Pattinson in Batman armor.

Matt Reeves Joker in Batman

Recently According to Daniel Richtman, who is a CNBC writer, Matt Reeves’ Batman will introduce a new Joker. According to him, Joker will have his chance in second and third movies in the Trilogy. Rumors say they are planning to cast Johnny Depp as the Joker.

Some people assumed Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker would connect its way to the Batman 2021. But both directors refused that idea. So the rumored Joker possibly a brand new joker.

Matt Reeves Batman Joker
Fan art of Johnny Depp as the Joker

For a significant period of time for the role of ‘Joker,’ Warner Bros. has started testing many actors. On that list, Johnny Depp is on their priority.

But past few months, the personal life of Johnny Depp was nothing but a mess. He had his lawsuit with his wife, Amber Heard, who is also portraying Mera in DC Aquaman. Because of those issues, he had to step down from his famous franchise, The Pirates of the Caribbean. If Johnny gets the chance of being the Joker, it would be his comeback to the live-action scene. As fans, we did not get to see Batman going against Joker toe to toe for over a decade. According to Leto’s personal Instagram stories, The Affleck’s Batman and Jerad Leto’s joker supposedly had a fight. But the scene did not make over the scripts in Suicide Squad.

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