Mulan’s Release Date May Delay Again

As reports are saying, Disney might delay the release date of live-action Mulan’s remake. The action is taking again following Tenet’s delay and the Coronavirus spikes across the USA.

Due to the current situation, Disney has had to adjust its plans for 2020, just like other studios. As theaters shut down in March, Disney had no other choice than to delay Mulan. It was only a few weeks away from being released. The live-action reimagining postponed arriving in theaters on July 24th.

Mulan’s New Relase Date

According to a report from THR, it seems like the release of Mulan could be delayed again. The rising number of corona patients in the United States is the main reason for this decision. Also, WB pushing Tenet has affected according to reports. A giant-scale movie like this, New York, and Los Angeles need to have theaters open for Mulan to perform outstandingly. But the surge of cases in those cities could keep theaters shut down as per right now. Disney was also counting on China to help boost Mulan‘s box office numbers. But Chinese theaters have not opened yet due to the second wave of coronavirus.

Disney still has to make an official announcement regarding the delay of Mulan’s release date, yet. If Disney delays Mulan, it is surprising to see where they will move it. It is possible that they may move it all the way back to December. By that time, hopefully, theatres will open for customers, and the situation will be under control. If the studio is targeting high box office numbers, it is possible, Mulan could be moved out of 2020 altogether and will release in 2021. Disney can theoretically make Mulan available as a Paid Video on Demand option before adding it to Disney+. No matter what decision they come to, Mulan – and other Disney titles – could be delayed again soon.

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