Snydercut Cyborg Leaked Scenes [SPOILER]

Snydercut Cyborg leaked scenes. Do you want to see all the LEAKED scenes from the Zack Snyder’s Justice League?

[This post contains major spoilers to upcoming Zack Snyder’s Justice League].

Cyborg & Justice League

This seems like a good year for all DC Fans. HBOMax announced the famous Snydercut. Director hinted about possible changes as well as a date for the trailer of his version of Justice League. Today we have more info about one of the major characters of the Justice League movie. According to news and fans, his character got butchered during the reshoots in Joss Whedon’s abomination Josstice League. Recently the movie’s original director has mentioned Cyborg was the heart of his movie.

Zack Snyder mentioned this during a conversation Cyborg actor Ray Fisher made regarding the Black Lives Matter movement. The origin of the character was heavily embedded into the Snydercut aka Zack Snyder’s Justice League. But the version we saw on theaters had only a brief about his background.

The origin of the Cyborg doesn’t stop from his character. It has serious connections to the history of Mother Boxes as well. Mother Boxes are a major weapon of destruction in DC Universe. Also it is a great source of knowledge as well. Darkseid is collecting mother boxes in order to triumph overworlds.

Leaked Cyborg Scenes #BORGLIFE

According to a heavy DC movie news spoiler Guilherme Alles these are the newest leaked scenes we have so far.

  1. Cyborg showing the history of Mother boxes, from the Nazis to the Star labs with Silas, his father!
Cyborg showing the history of Mother boxes, from the Nazis

2. After Cyborg interacts with the Mother Box, she teaches him how to fly. He goes to the roof and makes his first flight (scene that even appears in the first trailer “JL Oficial trailer 1”)

Cyborg Flight Scene

3. After talking to the Wonder Woman and refusing to join the group, Cyborg returns to the apartment. Seeing that his father has been kidnapped, he accesses all possible data to find him. (He who takes the information that they are in the Gotham harbor).

Cyborg In Justice League

4. Parademons are after Cyborg’s Mother Box, he hides to protect it.

Cyborg Protecting Motehrboxes

5. Cyborg looking and thanking his father Silas, for having evacuated the entire laboratory so they could resurrect Superman.

Cyborg trying to resurrect Superman

Previously there were some leaked images of Cyborg as well. Zack Snyder had shared most of them through his Vero Account, and first trailer showed us glimpse of Victor Stone’s (Cyborg) life before he became the Cyborg. It showed us a small portion of his football career as well.

So what do you think about Snydercut Cyborg leaked scenes? Do you think Snydercut can make a huge difference compared to the theatrical version we saw? Let us know in the comment.

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