Snyder's Justice League Trailer

Snyder’s Justice League Trailer is coming this year.

After 3 years of struggling, fans forced Warner Media to release the director cut of Justice League (2017). Zack Snyder’s version of the movie is taking a completely different way. Compared to the version of Joss Whedon’s, there are few key differences we can expect in Snyder Cut. So Snyder’s Justice League Trailer is the next thing we have to wait.

During a fan screening of Man of Steel movie, Zack Snyder announced the arrival of Snyder Cut on May 2020. Soon after that fans were skeptical about a new trailer for the movie. In an interview, Zack said that people have only seen quarter of what his version delivers. Also, the 2017 screened version was barely two hours movie and the director cut is almost 4 hours. So there are very significant parts we have probably missed. HBO Max still hasn’t declared about how it will come out.

Snyder Cut

So Zack Snyder’s original plan was to make a Justice League Trilogy. Many people believe Batman had to die at the end of the 5 movie arc. Darkseid wins the war, gets Superman under the control of the Anti-Life Equation. Then it connects to the Knightmare scene which we briefly saw on Batman V Superman.

After controversial theories and backstabbing Zack somehow made it work to deliver his version of the movie. After the movie announcement back then, fans were asking Zack whether there will be a new trailer. Today, 6th June he has finally answered that question. Few days after the official announcement Zack said the trailer was coming soon. But no one knew when it was coming.

Today during a live-stream hosted by The Film Junkee, Zack Snyder surprised everyone. He dropped a comment to the stream mentioning the trailer release date.

When back in 2017, Zack Snyder already released a trailer for his movie. That was before his family tragedy happened. So when Joss Whedon took the project to himself, he even changed many things. Among them, there were scenes that were already included in the released trailer as well.

So it is very confusing and surprised at the same time as fans. When thinking of what to expect from the new trailer upcoming.

Film Junkee’s Live Stream

In the time stamp of 2:33:50, you can see Zack Snyder has sent a chat saying TRAILER IS COMING IN SCC 2020. So this means it will come probably at the online event of SCC 2020.

Snyder's Justice League Trailer is coming
Snyder’s Justice League Trailer is coming

Now as fans all we have to do is wait until Snyder’s Justice League Trailer arrives.

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