Suicide Squad Game

Suicide Squad Game is happening at Rocksteady

Rocksteady’s next project would be a game based on the Suicide Squad. After five years of completing the Arkham trilogy, the developers focusing on Suicide Squad.

The rumor began to spike after a fan investigation. A WB related company has bought”. Also additionally SuicideSquadGame.comand” Gotham Knights refer to the unannounced Batman game. It is currently in development at Batman Arkham Origins studio Warner Bros. Montreal.

Gotham Knights Game

According to Tom Phillips at Eurogamer, two different DC games are coming. The first is Gotham Knight. We already have seen in the “Court of Owls” teasers that went online a while ago. Both projects are ready to be teased at Warner Bros.’ upcoming DC Fandome event. It is happening on August 22.

Warner Bros have teased a lot regarding Court of Owls.

Suicide Squad Game

The second is Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game. But it won’t be called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. But this could be some sort of alternative DC Universe. As expected, the Suicide Squad goes around killing the most prominent members of the Justice League. Possibly your in-game bosses will be Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman. But as there is no official information leaked or announced yet. So we cannot guarantee how it may be like.

The Suicide Squad is a group of villains. Amanda Waller of government controls them. They use the suicide squad to do the government’s bidding lest, or a bomb blows up their heads. Most significant members of the team are somewhat familiar to fans. Deadshot and Harley Quinn are two of them. Harley is popular due to her past appearances in Arkham games.

The “Kill the Justice League” part is as insane as it sounds, also the most curious. We will have to wait a long time for this game. The Gotham Knight is closer to finish mark and will get here first. We should see both of these games debut to some degree at DC’s Fandome event in August.

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