The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 Poster Breakdown Exclusive

The official Season 2 poster of Umbrella Academy is filled with many hidden hints about what we can expect. So we decided to breakdown everything we found!

Netflix‘s The Umbrella Academy Season 2 is coming in this month. Instead of releasing a proper trailer, the social media accounts of The Umbrella Academy continue to drop hints about Season 2. They do it by way of mysterious stills and posters. Recently they released a poster featuring all of the Hargreeves siblings. Each one of them sporting some shades. Reflected in every pair is a different image about the next season, which fans are already analyzing for hidden meanings.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2

According to reports, season 2 will focus on the Hargreeves stranded in the 1960s, attempting to prevent two apocalyptic events.

The Umbrella Academy show is based on the Dark Horse Comics series created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. The show follows the exploits of the dysfunctional Hargreeves family, who served as superheroes when they were young. The death of their adoptive father unites them together. End of Season 1, the other Hargreeves travel back in time to prevent the apocalypse. In the past, they will find themselves in conflict with the Commission, a mysterious organization that Five worked before.

The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 Poster

Unlike the other posters they released so far, this one has the siblings appropriately arranged. They have arranged them by height, and roughly in numerical order. Being the tallest, as well as Number One, Luther is at the top by himself. The second row is the fullest with Diego, Allison, Klaus, and Ben. Finally, Vanya and Number Five share the bottom row as the two shortest of the group and two of the following numbers. They’re also wearing their Season 2 costumes featured in their previous posters.

We can see a newspaper with the headline, “War Declared” in Luther’s sunglasses. Underneath, one can make out the words “Kennedy” in one lens and “Red Attack on…” in the other. As Season 2 will take place in the 1960s, this is probably following the Vietnam War. In Season 1, Klaus unintentionally traveled back to 1968, where he met and fell in love with a soldier named Dave. So, Season 2 takes place before then. Perhaps Dave could make another appearance before his tragic death. Some fans suggest that this could be another war entirely, possibly one with the Soviet Union linked to the siblings’ sudden appearance in the ’60s. This could also be the second apocalypse mentioned in the official synopsis.

Next, in Diego’s sunglasses, there is a woman. It appears to be some sort of nightclub. Many believe the woman is newcomer Ritu Arya’s character, Lila. If that is the case, then Lila could be a new ally or significant enemy for Diego. With the character description she shows, it could go either way. Fans are also speculating that she could be a new love interest for Diego.

After that, we have Allison’s sunglasses. In there, we can see a crowd of (mostly) people of color holding signs. One of them says, “Freedom Now.” As a woman of color herself, it looks like Allison is going to get involved in the Civil Rights Movement. It would confirm one of the Season 2 images, in which someone with Allison is holding a pamphlet that asks, “Have you experienced discrimination by your employer?” But he has yet to appear in any poster or image. This could also be where Yusuf Gatewood’s Raymond comes into play. Since he’s described as a “born leader,” maybe he’ll be introduced as a local Civil Rights activist.

Klaus’s shades describe a picture of several hands is raising in a greenery background. One set of arms looks very similar to those in Klaus’s new costume. According to many that this could be some sort of Woodstock-style concert. Other theories say that, based on his eccentric new look, Klaus may have joined or even started a cult. Additionally, Klaus is the only sibling showing his eyes.

Ben’s sunglasses also reflect a familiar sight. It’s nonother than the Umbrella Academy family portrait. In particular, the glasses’ frame highlights Ben, Klaus, and Allison with their father, Reginald, in the background. It appears to be the last portrait before Ben’s death. Because Ben is still dead, it seems likely that Season 2 will finally elaborate on his backstory.

In Vanya’s glasses, there’s a blonde woman and a child. They are hanging laundry up on a clothesline. They seem to be Marin Ireland’s character, Sissy, and her child. We could also see them in a Season 2 still of The Umbrella Academy, in a car with Vanya behind the wheel. Maybe she was the one to find Number Seven when she appeared in the ’60s and took her in. Vanya may have found a new family to love and appreciate her. After all, they look pretty happy in that picture. This might not go over well when the rest of her siblings show up, though.

Nothing but at last, Number Five’s glasses reflect a building with either mountains or a blue sky with clouds in the background. According to some, it may be the Texas School Book Depository, the building from which Lee Harvey Oswald shot President Kennedy. But while the building in Five’s glasses does have some similar features, it doesn’t seem to be the same building. Nevertheless, it could still be connected to the assassination since Five will be landing in 1963, the same year as the assassination. As in his poster, Five’s face is splattered with blood, so he’ll probably be involved with some more killings.

So what do you think? Did you find anything else? Let us know in the comments.

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