Valorant Ranked Mode Is Coming Soon

Valorant ranked mode is coming soon to the game. After an incredible closed beta run, the game underwent a full global release earlier this month (June 2020). During the beta stage, Valorant managed to get all the attention it needs. The game ripped the gaming charts and posted significantly high viewer numbers. The buttery gameplay and unique character designs appealed to the player base, adding to the skyrocketing popularity of the 5v5 tactical shooter.

Valorant Ranked Mode


Valorant is the latest MOBA in the hero shooter genre. The game is created and developed by Riot Games, and currently a free-to-play PC exclusive.

Riot Games named the first season of Valorant as Episode 1: Ignition. The new episode introduced tons of new content and adjustments to the game. The developers added a new map Ascent. The location is in Italy. Also a new agent, Reyna, joined the combat roster. Moreover, update 1.0 patched in a new game mode and made several tweaks to existing maps, as well as agent abilities.

Valorant Ranked Mode

However, Valorant’s ranked mode from the closed beta didn’t come to the public release. The omission left rank grinders disappointed. Now, there is official word that ranked mode will soon make its way into the tactical first-person shooter, for the first time since full release.

VALORANT game director Joe Ziegler has mentioned in his twitter account what fans want to hear today. He said that ranked mode is coming soon. Also, one of Riot dev explained that Ranked mode will “likely be out sometime next week.”. As, in this week will be spent making sure that the release is stable and ready to go.

Previously, in the patch notes for Update 1.0, the team stated that they would make some necessary adjustments to ranked Valorant based on player feedback from the closed beta version.

The devs also wanted to give new players the “same courtesy” that beta players received, allowing them to learn the game a bit before jumping into ranked.

Even though VALORANT‘s current mode is unranked, it’ll likely the previous gameplays might still affect what rank players get. In the closed beta, players were given a hidden MMR based on their performance in unranked games. This hidden MMR transferred to who you matched up against in placement matches and ultimately what rank you got.

Patch 1.01

After the initial release, Valorant has received only one minor patch yet. It is patch 1.01.

The patch 1.01 nerfed the agent Sage on a large scale. Sage’s cast range for her Barrier Orb ability was reduced by half. With the previous cast ranges, it had allowed her to “aggressively take control of neutral territory. It was in a way that inappropriate for her role in Valorant.”

The patch also added new sets of orbs for Spike Rush mode: Health, which grants HP regeneration; Deception, which reduces the enemy team’s vision; Golden Gun, which turns your weapon into a one-shot, one-kill gun.

Riot Games also recently confirmed that it is working on console prototypes for Valorant.

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