Zack Snyder Already Shot Flashpoint Wayne Death?

This may be the thickest tinfoil hat ever made. But what if Zack Snyder already shot Flashpoint version of the death of the Wayne family? He may have shot Bruce dying, Thomas killing Joe Chill and Martha becoming the Joker.

We have an almost confirmed rumor regarding Jeffrey Morgan as Flashpoint Batman might appear in the Flash Movie.

We extracted this information from a fan in twitter.

It is possible with the way he has framed the shot. There is an excellent cinematic of the family walking together. Then one of Thomas and Martha and a separate one of Bruce. Then we see Joe Chill closing in on them. And a single, ultra-focused shot of his gun. No context to where it’s pointed.

In that scene, Thomas is ready to act clearly. But what if Joe Chill missed the shot in a fight with the elder Wayne? What if he shot Bruce? Even when we see the actual murder, it’s all blurred, from afar, and shows only the body falling from afar. Sure, if you take a closer look while pausing, you can see Thomas is falling. But what if Zack planned that shot for future use in Flashpoint. Or even more, what if there is a secondary cinematic version of this?

The Flashpoint – Zack Snyder Already Shot Flashpoint?

In Flashpoint Paradox animated movie, we got to see how it all happens. So if we manage to get it on the big screen, that will be a treat for every DC fan.

There is no confirmation regarding the matter. But Zack Snyder did like fan news about Thomas Wayne casting in his favorite social media platform, Vero.

So it is safe to assume that Zack had this already planned on his original slate for DCEU. The main reason for the assumption of Zack Snyder Already Shot Flashpoint Wayne Death is his previous cameos. Snyder did something like that for both Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and The Batman. We got the WW1 pic in BvS, and the Aquaman teases in ZSJL and the Deathstroke scene also in ZSJL.

We have to wait for official confirmation or other leaks to call this a news. But as per current assumptions, it is extremely possible.

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